As one of the leading law firms in Turkey, Akalp Law Firm was founded in 1980 by lawyer Halit Akalp. Expanding with the participation of lawyer Çiğdem Akalp, the firm now hosts lawyers specialized in various fields of private and criminal law.

Akalp Law Firm mainly provides legal services in following areas of law; Corporate and Commercial Law, Banking Law, Customs and Smuggling Crimes and Criminal Law, Arbitration, Administrative Law, Tax Law, Sports and Entertainment, Antitrust – Competition, Intellectual and Industrial Property, Consumer Law, Health Law, Labor Law, Drafting business and employment contracts.

The firm represents domestic and international companies leading in their fields and domestic and foreign individuals by providing legal consultation as well as litigation and legal representation services before state courts and national and international arbitration tribunals.

With headquarters located in Istanbul, Kadıköy district, the scope of Akalp Law Firm has expanded with the joinder of the office of Av. Halil Akalp in Kadıköy, former main judge of Bakırköy 1st High Criminal Court which is the specialized court for custom and smuggling crimes.

Akalp Law Firm also works closely with foreign law firms located in Europe and South America and signed collaboration agreements with leading law firms in Ankara, İzmir and other main cities of Turkey to give the best legal representation and legal consultation service to its clients.

Recently, the firm has expanded its team with the participation of lawyer Koray Akalp who had been working in Zurich in international sports law and international arbitration fields.